About Us

Lavender Oil Bulgaria is a company engaged in the harvesting of lavender (Lavandula angustifolia/ Lavandula Spica) and the production of lavender oil. We own a 250 000m2 lavender plantation, far from the main roads, near a small town – Dalgopol, which is mostly engaged with agriculture. The climate there is perfect for growing  that plant since it is not humid and is very sunny during the harvesting season which insures the high quality of the oil. Furthermore, the dry, well-drained, sandy soil makes the land ideal for lavender. Our harvest usually begins in late June or in the beginning of July and continues for at least a month. The lavender flowers are picked only on quiet warm and sunny days when the plant contains most oil.

Lavender Oil Bulgaria was found in 1999 and 4 years later the first distillery was build, which has been expanded over the years and now allows for  2600kg of lavender to be distilled simultaniously.  We employ around 100 people enagaged in the cultivation, harvesting, collection and distilling the plants. The workers in our manufacturing facility abide strict rules to insure the safety of the process and the high quality of our product, which we are famous for. We work with essential oil laboratories which help us monitore the quality every step of the way. Samples are regulerly sent to these labs in order to be tested for purity. Even though results each year may vary – linalool is usually between 22,0 and 34,0 while linalyl acetate is between 30,0 and 42,0.